Men's Watch Brands

The Watch Shop stocks a wide range of men's watch brands including Michael Kors, Fossil, Casio, Seiko, Daniel Wellington, Ice, Emporio Armani and more. Shop now!

Men's watches should be reliable, comfortable and practical, as well as suitable in style for every occasion. Here's just a handful of the men's watch brands available at The Watch Shop. Fossil American fashion designers have been around since 1984. In men's watches, they have achieved combinations in band, style and functionality, resulting in unique looks.

Since 1853, Tissot has maintained popular classic and conservative bands and dials. Swiss watchmaking precision reflects practicality while also offering a range of motorsports-inspired designs. Worn by race car drivers, Tissot's dials sport tachymeters as well as simplistic styles.

Garmin are leading experts in health and fitness watches. Measure your performance with smart watches that include a pedometer, GPS, Bluetooth notifications, heart-rate monitor and more. Water resistant and readable in sunlight, Garmin watches are a must for the sportsman.

Casio watches are everything in comfort and practicality. The big, bold dials are suitable for travel, tennis, sport, classic or vintage. Casio's modern look features punched holes to compliment sports-wear. Japanese Casio specialise in sports styles.

Michael Kors, offers another watch brand for men, and are dedicated to sophisticated styles and offer award-winning watches. Emporio Armani's expertise creates stylish, Italian, fashion house watches. Seiko are known for reliability and they understand technology and design.

For watch brands for men, The Watch Shop makes it simple to find a watch to suit your unique personality. With plenty more men's watch brands to choose from including Ice, Longines, Lorus and Pulsar, The Watch Shop is sure that you will find the perfect men's watch. If you have any questions, our online support staff are eager to assist.